Governmental Proceedings in the State of Ohio for Preservation of Farming and Rural Land

rural land OhioLand as we know is one of the most valuable resources as the factor of production in the agriculture sector. In Ohio initiatives have been taken to preserve the farming land and the rural land for the benefits of the common people and to keep the environment in its natural order. Regional efforts have been taken by many countries for the preservation of the farming land through different implementation of programs for the protection of land. The Government of Ohio has initiated many land protection programs and to make the public aware of its utility. Numerous causes are found regarding the preservation of the farming lands and the rural lands in the state of Ohio.

Reasons for saving farmland:

A picture is worth a thousands words:

farming land going down

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How to Enhance the Wildlife Habitat in Ohio

wild habitat ohioThe healthy habitat is the key that is integral for the successful life span of several wildlife species in the state of Ohio. The habitat is the home of the animals and the plants. And the ecosystem is the community in which the animals and the plants live, feed and grow within the same area of the environment.

It is worth mentioning that Ohio has a diverse ecosystem and habitat that includes the streams, lakes, rivers, deciduous forests, wetlands and also prairies. Each of these eco systems also have their communities of different and variety of species that thrive in that community. Any kind of a healthy habitat can provide the animals and plants, can provide the benefits that include healthy, cultural, biological and also economic factors.

Apart from these sweeping ecosystems, as a resident of Ohio, you can also create and enhance a backyard habitat for encouraging the growth of various species of plants and animals in your locality and state. Find and buy a piece of land, then avail the National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat program for practicing natural habitat for animals in your backyard.

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Organic Farming Versus Traditional Farming in Ohio

organic farming OhioOrganic farming became popular only a few years ago. Until a few years ago, organic farming and organic food were not certified in US. Yet, in the year 2010, the organic farming made its way into the heart and home of the US residents with a hopping profit of $26.7 billion. Although the main drawback for the organic food is that it is at least three times costlier than the conventional food.

However when it comes to bio agriculture, there are a lot of myths associated with the organic food and organic farming. And here are some of them busted just for your knowledge and understanding:

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Farm Animals in Ohio Might Have Better Days to Live

farms and lands ohioHuman society can only progress when humans align themselves with the other animals and the living beings in the planet. In Ohio, way back from 2010, the HSUS and their conventional allies have started a campaign in order to place a measure on the ballot of the state against the inhumane farming practice on the domestic animals. The members of HSUS sat with the government in several meetings in order to come to a conclusion about animal welfare. However, the meetings have resulted in something good. There is now eight point animal welfare propaganda in place for the state of Ohio. This agenda was also memorialized with a signed agreement which promises and assures of implementing several reforms about animal welfare.

The animal welfare has come into effect already and the new rules phase out the fact that any cruel practices that keep the calves confined in veal crates or in the gestation crates for the breeding sows, are abolished. The same is true for permits on the battery cage confinement facilities for the hens that are about to lie eggs, there is a moratorium on the same. For the farm animals too, there is a ban on the strangulation of the animals and also mandate on the humane euthanasia for the injured animals and the sick animals. There is also a ban proposed on the transport of the cows for the slaughter house.

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